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Our state-of-the-art machinery and well trained staff ensures the quality of raw material and finished products. Every consignment is carefully cleaned, loaded and inspected for all Quality standards.

Our aim to provide easiest access to all buyers throughout the world to the Pakistani products and ensure a long-term working relationship. We take pride in our quality products and processes.


    Mouth Freshener

    Do you want to have something as your mouth freshener […]

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    Fried onions or French fried onions are a popular snack […]

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    Ginger / Garlic Paste

    Traders Intel understands that the fast pace life of this […]

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    Traders Intel is one of the finest Rice producers and […]

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    Wheat / Rice Flour

    Wheat flour is one of the prime products of Traders […]

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    Fresh Onion and Potatoes

    Traders Intel is one of the largest hub involved in […]

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    Refined Iodized Salt

    Traders Intel is one of the prime exporters of Free […]

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