Mouth Freshener


Do you want to have something as your mouth freshener post lunch or dinner? Do you have any digestive disorder? Are you suffering from the bad breath? There is only one answer to all these questions, HOMEase mouth fresheners. HOMEase is one of the well-known products of TRADERS INTEL which makes the best of mouth fresheners.

Mouth fresheners keep your mouth clean and fresh for a long time and also remove the bad odor

The quality products of HOMEase are being checked and supervised by the highly professional in order to maintain the high quality. HOMEase follows the rules of hygiene and nutrition while manufacturing a particular product.

Mouth fresheners are made with sugar coated roasted coriander seeds, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, and sugar coated boiled confectionery.

Packaging Details:

  • 200 gm and 300 gm Jars
  • 3 Kg Carton of 12 jars