Welcome to Traders Intel

Traders-Intel-Rice-Fried-Onion-Flour-ChickenWelcome to Traders Intel, a global Trading company aiming to bridge the gap between Producers and Consumers worldwide.

The operations of the company are driven by the vision of providing a safe trading environment for companies worldwide and allowing the companies to grow without barriers.

The Traders Intel team specializes in providing the best sourcing, negotiation, technology and logistics to meet the growing demands of products worldwide. We are focused, determined and disciplined to achieve our vision utilizing the diverse operational strengths ensuring the best quality, price and a great experience for buyers.

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Traders Intel Company recognize the need to diversify in keeping with the changing trend in business.


    Mouth Freshener

    Do you want to have something as your mouth freshener […]

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    Fried onions or French fried onions are a popular snack […]

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    Ginger / Garlic Paste

    Traders Intel understands that the fast pace life of this […]

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    Traders Intel is one of the finest Rice producers and […]

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    Wheat / Rice Flour

    Wheat flour is one of the prime products of Traders […]

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    Fresh Onion and Potatoes

    Traders Intel is one of the largest hub involved in […]

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